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Flying Solo  2020 release

Flying Solo

Behind The Eight Ball

My Heart Beats Out A Rhythm

The Fall

Coming Back Again *

No Time *

This Poor Man’s Supper

A Southwest Christmas Night

* CD Only

Ballads and blues, stories of passion and fate.

Includes a seasonal song as well.

An early comment:

“What a great eclectic collection!! Every single song you

wrote I love the lyrics, and the instruments you’re

playing have the best sound. What an

outstanding album!”


Waiting For Daybreak  2004 release

Buttermilk Moon

Mountain Man

Carol Jean

The Hard Ride

Picasso-Like Dreams

Old Timer’s Lament

No More


A collection of ballads, blues and pop songs crafted and

recorded in a traditional acoustic style.

"...a fine singing voice, which makes everything

he performs sound pretty."

-- Dan MacIntosh, Indie-Music Review May 2005

Read The Review Featured In New Mexico Magazine January 2006

Download Waiting For Daybreak songbook (PDF)

A Wink Is As Good As A Nod  2000 release

Full Moon Runnin’ Roughshod

Black Or White

Nothing Personal

Bunky’s Dilemma

Sell My Saddle

I Know You

Five Day World

Society’s Bad Dreams


Dead Love Blues

Lovin’ In My Automobile

An anthology blending elements of classic rock, western, blues and folk, this collection runs a gamut of musical flavor.

“Good songs and a simple production forces one to focus on his interesting and appealing voice. 4 Stars”

...Rhett Ashley, ICMA Newsletter, Feb 2002

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”                                       ~Friedrich Nietzsche

**CD $10.00

**CD $10.00

**CD $10.00

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