From New Mexico Magazine, January 2006, 'Desert Muse'

Who: Vern Batty
What: Waiting For Daybreak
Genre: Ballads-variety

  Listening to Waiting For Daybreak transports you to a simpler way of life, off on country back roads.
Vern Batty, an accomplished guitarist, has pulled together a selection of his heartfelt songs, redolent with honesty
and humor.

  Like a tumbleweed, Batty drifted from California to the backwoods of Washington state and ultimately
landed on a ranch near La Luz in the Tularosa Basin.

  He says that he wanted this CD to have a simple feeling without elaborate instrumentation. For the most
part, Waiting For Daybreak features Batty singing as he plays his acoustic guitar. But therein lies the beauty of
this fine recording. There's an intimate feeling of sitting in on a concert for his best friends.

  His romantic ballad, “Buttermilk Moon” is rich with imagery. But like icing on the cake, my favorite
part is when he whistles the melody in the latter part of the recording. It's just that type of old-time touch that
makes this recording so charming.

  I also thoroughly enjoyed his song, “Mountain Man.” He sings, “I wake up to the birds a-singin' and
I boil up coffee in the saucepan and I like livin' the way I do. Mama taught me my readin'. She taught me numbers
and how to spell. Papa taught me how to handle a horse and the ways of the woods as well. ...” His simple lyrics
immediately engage you.

  “The Hard Ride” takes the listener on a perilous journey across the border. Batty uses some Spanish
guitar inflections to punctuate his hard-driving vocals, peppered with Spanish expressions.

  Batty has that rare ability to tell a story with his songs, which made me think of Johnny Cash at
his best. Batty also incorporates wonderful touches such as his harmonica playing on “Old Timer's Lament” and great
slide bottle neck guitar on his bluesy “No More.”

  For information visit his Web site:

  ---Emily Drabanski